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Risk Management in Programs and Projects

Risk management in both projects and programs is about handling risks that includes risk management planning, risk identification and analysis, risk response planning, and risk monitoring and control. It involves keeping track of all risks in a risk register, and coming up with a program or project level approach and standards in handling risks and [...]

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Risk Register (Program or Project)

A risk register at a project and program level identifies all risks, categorizes them, and includes an approach for their resolution. Both the project and program manager actively monitor the risk register to ensure that negative risks don't materialize to impact the success of the given project or program. Back to Program and Project Management [...]

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Explaining the Basics of the Strategic Development Process

Every organization needs a strategy to be able to turn its vision into reality. This strategy is developed through a series of steps that involves strategic thinking and analysis of certain set of information. Most successful organizations usually have a strategic development process instituted that enables them to go through these steps. Although the strategic [...]

Understanding the Interaction of the Program Manager with Project Managers

In this post, we will review the interaction between the program and project teams and how a program manager interacts with the various project managers on the program team including defining the flow of information and communication between project teams and the overall program. Here are a few important guidelines. First, it’s important to realize [...]

Program Management Maturity and its Value for an Organization

Program management maturity refers to the degree to which an organization engages in formalized methods and processes to select, prioritize, fund, initiate, and execute its programs. Better program management maturity allows the organization to select strategic programs that can deliver the maximum benefits for a positive and optimum ROI. In general, achieving a higher degree [...]

Defining a Program’s Interaction with the Program Governance Board

When establishing program governance for a newly established program, a program manager takes on the responsibility for establishing program governance that governs all aspects of the program. In this context, the program manager is responsible for the governance of the program. This includes governing all the components and projects of the program and issues related to [...]

Take these Steps To Become a Successful Consultant

Almost every industry has consultants. These are professionals who clients turn to in their respective industries to help them resolve specific problems. This article will review the problems solved by consultants, steps to become a consultant, tips to succeed as a consultant, and the skills required to become a consultant. Client Problems Solved by Consultants [...]

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