Best Practices for Project Scheduling

Effective project scheduling is one of the primary pillars behind project scheduling. This paper discusses secrets behind effective project scheduling. Topics discussed include: Creating Deliverables-Based Project Schedules Determine the Appropriate Level of Detail for Each Project Schedule Building a Deliverables-Based WBS Establishing lower limit on the number of work hours Using a Project Scheduling Standard [...]

Agile Practices and Adoption in the Government

Agile Practices and Adoption Below you can sign-up and get a technical paper that highlights various Agile practices in the US government. You will also get regular updates on various program management practices. The discussion addresses some issues that must be understood to ease the adoption of Agile or are seen as potential barriers to [...]

Free Project and Program Management Resources

Free Project and Program Management Reports Here is a list of free project and program management resources for download Gartner's Program and Portfolio Management Maturity Model Gartner Report: Program and Portfolio Management Leadership Vision  Program management professional handbook Agile Practices in the government Digital transformation podcast and the article Best Practices for Project Scheduling Complex Project [...]