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Learn Advanced Program Management Practices

Companies are Seeking New Generation of Program Managers

The new digital economy has spawned a fast paced and agile delivery culture that is slowly becoming a prerequisite for securing a competitive positioning in the marketplace. To keep up with new requirements for innovation and this fast paced delivery, organizations are now seeking a new generation of program managers with advanced skills that can deliver projects and programs for this new economy.

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  • Learn knowledge required to pass the PgMP certification examination
  • Based on PMIs’ advanced program management principles 
  • Online video training based on 135+ slide presentation
  • Speak to a certified PgMP consultant
  • Get a certificate of enrollment
  • One of the best PgMP courses around

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  • Downloadable PDF E-Book
  • Based on PMI’s Standard of Program Management, 3rd Edition
  • 12 chapters of PgMP material
  • Learn knowledge required to pass the PgMP certification examination
  • Based on PMIs’ advanced program management principles 
  • One of the best PgMP study guides

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  • One-on-one consultation with a certified PMP and PgMP consultant
  • Learn PgMP exam tips and techniques 
  • Learn about future opportunities in the area of program management 
  • Ask questions about the PgMP and program management content
  • All conversations and tutoring sessions are kept confidential 

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Top Research Reveals the Need for Advanced Program Management Skills

According to the PMI, “Program Management Professional (PgMP)® is a visible sign of your advanced experience and skill and gives you a distinct advantage in employment and promotion.”

Most major industry pundits at Gartner Group, Forester Research, Harvard University, McKinsey, and other experts now agree that today’s Project and Program Managers need new sets of skills and must abandon traditional practices to excel in the new economy. Project managers who are still practicing traditional project management skills must begin the process of transforming themselves to Program managers of the digital age.

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The PgMP certification provides a solid foundation to help managers come to grips with the broader scope of managing large programs in enterprises. Those skills are one of the most sought in the industry. However, PgMP skills can’t simply be acquired by reading one or two books. Rather, one needs to learn from the experience of the experts. That’s the reason that it is one of the most challenging certifications to complete and not many have it.

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PgMP Facts

  • Number of worldwide PMP (Project Management Professional) Consultants:  761,905 

  • Number of worldwide PgMP (Program Management Professional) Consultants: 1,880 (less than two thousand)

  • PgMP Certification is one of the most challenging certifications in the area of organizational management.

  • PgMP consultants are one of  the most respected management consultants in the world.

  • PgMP Certification is one of the most difficult certifications to achieve.

  • The PgMP® certification helps you as  a program manager, and enables you to advance the strategic goals of your organization.

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Succeed as a Program Manager

To succeed as a successful project and program manager, you must have skills in the following areas:

  • Clear understanding of the governance structures underlying the new business ecosystems

  • Multi-mode delivery life-cycles

  • Managing the complex program management issues that underlie the new delivery environments

  • Managing the complex requirements of the stakeholders of the digital environments

  • Managing the complex teams and navigating the dynamic organizational structures

  • understanding the new breed of tools that are replacing the traditional tools

  • and much more.

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