PgMP Certification Examination Strategies, Tips and Guides

Here is a short video that covers PMI’s PgMP (Program Management Professional) Certification Examination Strategies, Tips and Guides.


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Hello. In this session from, we will cover some of the strategies and tips that can come in handy as you prepare for the PgMP certification examination by the Project Management Institute or the PMI. Remember, you can get an online course for PgMP certification training and other management training at

  1. First, study the Standard of Program Management handbook thoroughly. The Standard of Program Management is the foundation behind the certification examination. You must therefore read and understand it thoroughly to acquaint yourself with the concepts and terminology that will be part of the examination questions.
  2. Second, as you study PMI’s standard for program management, ensure that you carefully study the tables and figures that are included in the handbook. The tables and figures included provide an excellent summary of some key concepts and can be quite instrumental in helping you learn those concepts.
  3. Third, you should also brush up your knowledge on PMBOK principles and concepts. They are covered in the PMP standards and guides available from the PMI website. Certain concepts especially those related to calculation of earned value have known to show up in the PgMP examination, even though those concepts are not covered in the standard of program management handbook. So, it’s a good idea to quickly get an overview of those concepts.
  4. Fourth, you should try to find the time to read the project and program management related articles on the PMI website. Numerous PMP and PgMP certified practitioners contribute useful articles on the PMI website and those articles can help you reinforce the concepts that are covered in the standard of program management handbook and in program management courses available at
  5. Fifth, get to know all the artifacts, phases, activities, etc. and their definition and purpose. As you may have noticed that each of the PgMP performance domains, and support processes include a number of activities, artifacts and phases. You must know all of them clearly and their role in progressing a program toward useful business outcomes.
  6. Sixth, you should also ensure that you know the differences between various documents, artifacts, and phases. Based on the information that is included in certain documents for example, some of the documents may appear similar. It’s therefore important to understand the unique purpose of each of the documents and phases. Also, although some of the documents may be prepared in certain phases, but they may be developed iteratively or updated regularly throughout all of the program’s phases.
  7. Seventh, you should try to relate the concepts that you learn in the Standard of Program Management with your actual work experience that you may have gained to date in projects and programs. This will help you tremendously in the examination as many questions on the examination are based on actual real life use cases.
  8. Number Eight. You should also join your local PMI chapter and attend PMP and PgMP related meetings. This will provide you the opportunity to meet other project management professionals from whom you can learn about their experiences and knowledge.
  9. Number Nine. You should also look to form groups of PMs at workplaces where you can collaborate on lessons learned with other Program Managers at work. Such collaboration and learning sessions can be useful for all program managers and can also increase the project and program management maturity of the organization.
  10. Finally, time and cost permitting, you should attend Project and Program Management related conferences and events. These events are attended by project and program managers from all industries and learning from their experiences can be very fruitful.

We hope these tips were useful. You should also look to register for an online course at the website where you will also have the opportunity to interact with a PgMP Certified Consultant Online.


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