Top Project and Task Management Software


This article reviews the top project and task management software for 2017 and 2018.

  1. AceProject – is a web based platform that allows you to manage your timesheets, tasks, expenses and documents. The app is designed to help add structure to your business, and help you save time as you will be able to access all the data with a few clicks. It helps you keep your projects on track, with real time reports. The real time updates are great for a more effective and efficient workplace, so you can place your resources in the right place. In addition, AceProject offers a way to keep each team member of the project in the loop.
  2. Teamwork – This tool offers a way to streamline your business activities and projects. The platform offers three main products that work together as a suite but are available separately. The first one is Teamwork Projects, where you can manage all your project related tasks. From important documents, to the stage your project is at, the app will help you from start to finish. The second one is Teamwork Chat that allows you to get in touch with your team members, and send or receive any important information. This way your entire team will be on track with the progress. The third and last one is Teamwork Desk, which enables you to offer customer support to your clients.
  3. Basecamp – This tool offers a single platform to help you organize all your work, so nothing is missed. Every team member can stay on track with the project progress. Moreover, projects are easier to plan and manage with the help of the features available on the platform.
  4. Jira – is a software development tool designed keeping in mind Agile teams, which is why it is able to offer users the ability to plan, track, and release software. This software offers a workflow engine, support for the Scrum methodology, real time reporting and Kanban board. In addition, you will be able to bring your team on the same page, so the goals of the projects stay clear for the entire team. The platform helps in planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting on projects platform various types. The platform offers a complete life cycle, so each and every development stage can be mapped.
  5. Freshdesk is a single platform that allows businesses to resolve customer issues in a more effective and efficient manner. It offers you one place to streamline your conversations allowing you to manage all requests coming in from various support channels. This allows for better collaboration between team members and provides simpler ways to stay productive, and to make better decisions and thus get things done faster.
  6. Zoho CRM features a multi channel support system, where you can manage customer service via phone, email, live chat, in person, and even through social media. In addition, you can track visitors, so you know what your customers are looking at. This allows for better engagement opportunities. Zoho also allows you to manage and measure your sales performance, and also allows you to make marketing decision using Zoho. In addition, their automation system ensures that each member is on the same page, and working towards the same end goal. They even offer a mobile edition, so you can stay connected on the go.
  7. Bridge24 allows one to connect to a number of project management tools and interact with all the data. A live connection to various tools ensures access to the most recent data and project information. You can view charts, reports, and all other data from within one tool. Any actions that you take using Bridge24 will automatically, and instantly be applied to any application that you have connected to using Bridge24. The easy connection to various tools allows work to get done with quite ease.
  8. Zoho Docs is an online platform that allows you to manage your project documents. This can help you secure all your documents in one place and make sure that they are safe. In addition, all the documents can be accessed online from any location. Zoho Docs is the one place where you can store all your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, music, pictures, videos, etc. As an easy storage solution online, it’s a perfect companion to managing project content and documents.
  9. ZenDesk – is a customer service software designed to help companies stay on top of their customer queries by helping them improve communication, and helping them sort through massive data related to customers. Additionally, the platform offers the perfect opportunity to build a strong bond with their clients. The software can be used to offer support, guide, chat, talk, massage, and explore the options at hand. It is an easy way to make your customer service process more effective and efficient.
  10. EasyProjects is designed to help you bring all your projects and work in a single place and lets you easily keep your projects running smoothly and keep them on track. EasyProjects helps the teams in making the planning process easier, and by keeping the members in close contact with the project by making important information available to all of them. This is a cloud-based project planning software allowing access from anywhere. In addition, you can easily customize it to your style making project planning and execution easier.
  11. Slack – is an excellent software that makes work more efficient and effective. With Slack, you can easily keep your teams in the loop, and get more work done. The software is designed to make you more productive as it helps in making communication easier by making them more accessible and organized. In addition, it helps teams share decisions by providing access to critical information online. This allows each member to know where the project is heading. Additionally, it offers an open API system allowing other applications to interface with the tool and to extend its functionality.

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